hannah Gillespie

Hannah is a Final Year student at Queen's University Belfast, who has been elected to lead AMSI over for the coming year. Previously our National Officer for Medical Education, she has represented Ireland at IFMSA General Assemblies in Montenegro and Tanzania. She is working with the EB, Local Committees and International Partners to develop projects and campaigns that empower Medical Students to learn; taking action to educate ourselves and our communities, to enact positive change.

Hannah is bringing a wealth of experience to her role within AMSI. She co-founded an award winning society, Swotup, which has seen Medical Students deliver training to 350 school pupils who want to study medicine. She has also volunteered for Swot Qub, planning a fashion show that raised £38,000 for hospitals in LEDCs. An intercalated degree allowed her to explore interests in research and medical education, which she has continued through her work with QUB Scrubs.


Vice President for External Affairs (VPE)

ciara clarke

Ciara is a Fourth Med student at NUI Galway. A veteran of the AMSI Executive Board, Ciara previously held the position of National Officer for Human Rights and Peace. During her term, Ciara was responsible for AMSI collaborating with a number of external NGOs, AMSI’s Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace was recognised as active for the first time by the IFMSA, and she coordinated an international project on access to healthcare in conflict zones - for which AMSI was awarded the best SCORP Activity of the Season in Europe in early 2017.

AMSI encompasses students from 7 medical schools on the island of Ireland and Ciara hopes that AMSI will provide a forum for these students to be represented at local, national and international levels. Ciara is determined to build on the strong foundations AMSI has laid down to this point by encouraging further collaboration between AMSI and other partners promoting healthcare education and equity. She will also be responsible for overseeing the adoption of new national policies for AMSI as it grows as an organisation.

During her spare time, Ciara gained some of her initial global health experience and interest through volunteering with societies in NUI Galway, such as Medicins Sans Frontieres and being a Student Outreach Officer for the Irish Forum for Global Health. Outside of the realm of medicine, Ciara trains and provides military instruction with the Irish Defence Forces as a reserve infantry soldier, holding the rank of Corporal.


Vice President for Internal Affairs (VPI)


Ashlyn Fong is a 3rd year GEM at the University of Limerick, and has been involved with AMSI since 2015. She helped establish a strong local committee in UL last year, and is very excited to be re-elected as VP Internal Affairs this term. She has been given the opportunity to represent Ireland at IFMSA General Assemblies in Malta and Montenegro, and hopes to use the skills she learned there to help maintain effective, transparent communication between members of AMSI.

Ashlyn has a passion for promotion of multidisciplinary care, with a previous career in laboratory medicine and pathology, and involvement in the development of the University of Limerick and Irish Interdisciplinary Forum for Healthcare. She believes that strong communication and interdisciplinary networking is the key to optimized patient care, and hopes to use her experiences as a practicing healthcare professional and medical student to advocate for students and patients across each healthcare profession.

Being a medical student, and being heavily involved in national and international medical student initiatives can be very a difficult task. Ashlyn hopes to ensure that all students working with AMSI feel supported and represented through the planning and implementation of AMSI policy and projects, and to help maintain strong working relationships with medical school societies and medical schools across Ireland. She looks forward to a big year with AMSI and can’t wait to see what the rest of the Local Committees and Executive Board have in store!


Vice President of training, events &capacity building (VPtec)

victoria griffiths

Victoria Griffiths is a second year GEM at the University of Limerick.  Victoria is super excited to be the VP of Training, Events & Capacity Building this year!

She is looking forward to working with some very enthusiastic individuals to design initiatives, as well as promoting the continuity of local committees through leadership development. Her big plans for the year include the Local & National Medical Case Competitions, the Intervarsity Sports Event, and the AMSI National Assembly - all of these are unique ways for medical students from around the country to connect with one another!

Outside of AMSI, she is a second year medical student at the Graduate Entry Medical School at the University of Limerick. She is originally from Perth, Ontario (not Australia!) which makes her a maple syrup loving Canadian.

She has been thoroughly enjoying her time in Ireland by exploring both the major cities and the countryside, including surfing in Dingle, hiking in Connemara, and horseback riding in Kerry! If anyone has any ideas about national AMSI events & initiatives or suggestions about how to spend the odd sunny day in Ireland, feel free to get in touch with Victoria.


Vice President for finances

ian long

This is Ian, the Kung Pao slinging, dumpling making Asian from Singapore. He surprises many that he’s in his 4th year of Medical school at NUI Galway.

Before his current appointment, he was previously working with the Professional Exchanges (SCOPE) team as an advisor. His wealth of knowledge and experience came from pioneering AMSI’s first SCOPE exchange to Tatarstan, Russia. There, he was thrown deep into the heart of frosty -27 degree Russia where he was tasked with learning the in’s & out’s of organising a SCOPE exchange for future AMSI students – and now we can proudly say that we have 20 beautifully diverse contracts with the rest of this world. This story perfectly describes one of Ian’s defining qualities, one which works well with AMSI – The type of person who can jump off a plane without a parachute, and figure out how to build one on his way down.

Drawing from his experience during his tenure in the Singapore Armed Forces, Ian intends to integrate his work ethic and ethos into his financial team here in AMSI – that of comradery and ‘getting the job done’. He intends to do this by taking a more active and ‘on the ground’ approach with his new role - by bringing the treasurers/financial officers from the 7 different schools together, to work, share and learn from one another.


secretary General

Charleen salmon

Charleen Salmon was born in Manila but grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a first year GEMS student at the University of Limerick and has recently been elected as our Secetary General for 2017/18.

Charleen completed her Master of Science in Epidemiology in 2017 and was the secretary for the Community Health Sciences Student Executive (CHSSE) Committee at the University of Calgary for the past 2 years.

Previously, she was the 2016 Co-Chair of Hospitality and Registration on the Campus Alberta Student Conference on Health Steering Committee, Co-President of the Health and Medicine Club, Co-President of the Hope 2 Opportunity (H2O) Club, and VP of various other student clubs and societies.

Charleen loves the outdoors and loves to hike in the summer and snowboard down the Albertan Rocky Mountains during winter. Charleen is super excited to be part of the Executive Board and put her organization, management, and love of note taking and colour coding to good use


Public Relations Officer

Emily nguyen

Emily Nguyễn is a third year student at Trinity College and has been involved with AMSI since 2016. This year she has been elected as our National Public Relations Officer.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Emily completed her BSc in neuroscience and MSc in physiotherapy at Dalhousie University. During this time she sat on the Dartmouth community health board liaising with the Nova Scotia health authority to promote healthcare access and address community health concerns. On the board she sat on the access and communications subcommittee focusing on topics related to food security, healthy eating and active lifestyle, mental health awareness and reproductive health education.

With her physiotherapy background, she has a keen interest in promoting exercise as medicine. Most recently, she has been involved with research regarding aerobic exercise best practice guidelines for the treatment of stroke and TIA. Together with AMSI, she hopes to encourage the public to get active, participate in regular exercise and put a greater emphasis on preventative medicine.

Outside of medicine she enjoys hiking and creating art for her online BigLipArt shop. Emily is excited to work with the executive board and hopes to bring her creativity and experience in digital media and design to the role of PRO.


National Exchange officer incoming

luke lim



 National Officer outgoing

tim siliang lu

This is Timothy Lu, he is the national exchange officer for incomings. He is the basis behind the famous ancient Chinese proverb “you don’t need glue, when you’ve got Lu”

Timothy is currently a first-year medical student in NUIG, and has worked with AMSI for almost a year. He was part of the now infamous Tanzanian GA Irish crew, and his exploits over there were the stuff of legend.

Most of his experience comes from being a part of AMSI’s spearhead in the exchange fair in Tanzania, where him and fellow amazing Asian Ian Long famously snuck into the fair despite obvious danger and warnings not to do so. At this fair Timothy helped sign contracts with the countries our students will be going to this summer, will also garnering much foreign interest in our AMSI SCOPE programme. He also has Hong Ying (the previous NEO) on speed dial.

As NEO incoming, Timothy hopes to develop a solid network for future incoming students to depend on with regards to housing and social programmes. Timothy also wants to boost the number of incoming students that Ireland accepts over the coming years, and get the SCORE programme up and running. Most importantly Timothy made a bet with Kevin that he would be president of AMSI by third med, so he can’t screw this up.


National Officer for medical education

aaron blake

Aaron Blake is a 3rd year Graduate-entry Medical Student from the University of Limerick, and this year's National Officer for Medical Education!

He's a born and bred Corkonian, where he did his undergrad and graduated with a BSc in Physiology in 2014.

During his undergrad, Aaron worked closely with UCC Students' Union, was elected as Class Rep, Peer Support Leader, and served as Auditor of UCC LGBT Society in his Final Year.

During his time in UL, he has been involved in numerous projects; including interdisciplinary healthcare and of course, as the Local Officer for Medical Education for UL AMSI at the tail-end of last year.

He has a strong interest and experience in a wide variety of activism topics including education and social justice.

This year, he wants to work with his team to create national advocacy campaigns for access to medical education, develop a class rep training programme and collaborate on HIV/AIDS awareness and so much more! Stay tuned for an exciting and nerdy year with Aaron leading AMSI's Medical Education enthusiasts!


National Officer for Public Health

Molly keenan

Molly is a final year at Queen's University of Belfast.

Molly is excited to take on her new role as National Officer for Public health (NOPH), due to her specialist interests in health inequities and the effects of climate change on population health.

Molly has a previous degree in Public Health with particular experience in enhancing physical activity and lifestyle behaviours!

In her spare time Molly an outdoors enthusiast who loves to keep fit and travel.


National Officer for human rights and peace

simi george

Simi George is a Third Year medical student from NUI Galway. She is the National Officer for Human Rights & Peace (NORP). She worked as the Local Officer for the same committee and immersed herself in all-things-human-rights at the General Assembly she attended in Montenegro earlier this year.
She is the auditor for Friends of MSF at NUIG and collaborated with this volunteer society to champion refugee rights and advocate for access to healthcare in conflict zones.

An event she helped organise during Syrian Emergency Awareness Week trained local secondary school students essential first aid skills and medical students on how to provide conflict trauma first aid. This exciting venture won AMSI the IFMSA SCORP Activity of the Region in Europe!

She is thrilled to be able to coordinate local, national and international activities for the community in the new year, with the help of Local Officers from all over Ireland.


National Officer for Sexual Health & Reproduction incl. HIV/AIDS

anna Mcclatchey

Anna McClatchey is a final year medical student at Queens University Belfast with an enthusiastic interest in issues surrounding women’s health. Although born and bred in Belfast, she has always had a desire to study and work abroad and so took the opportunity to study a Masters in Global Health at Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

During this time she studied health governance, completed interactive online modules with students in Canada and Thailand and undertook a social work module at Manipal University in Karnataka, India. Following her interest in SRH, she completed her thesis in Zimbabwe, examining the access to contraceptive and abortion services experienced by young unmarried females. She hopes to develop her skills in collaborating internationally, whilst aiming to improve sexual education for young people and reducing the stigma surrounding controversial sexual health topics on a local level.

Anna has experience in interacting with students through her involvement with Students for Global Health and SWOT QUB and hopes to use these skills to facilitate her local officers in campaigning and advocating for awareness of the SRH issues we all face. She enjoys being active, travelling to new places, meeting new people and of course the all important socialising! She is excited for the opportunities and experiences this year ahead will bring.


UCD Ordinary Committee Member to the AMSI National Committee

Lade adeusi


ucc Ordinary Committee Member to the AMSI National Committee

niamh mcgrath


RCSI Ordinary Committee Member to the AMSI National Committee

sara al harthi