Kevin (24) is in Final Med in NUIG. Another member of the growing Dublin population being educated in Galway, Kevin is from Drumcondra on the Northside of Dublin and has a keen interest in Public Health and Youth Mental Health. Kevin is the current President of AMSI, and has been involved since 2014 with the organisation. The current role of President is wide ranging - principally the focus is to oversee the change of AMSI in IFMSA from being a Candidate Member to Full Member in August 2017, and ensuring that our growth and development towards this goal is sustainable and beneficial to all of our members. He served as Sports officer in the 2014/15 term and oversaw NUIG's hosting of the National Intervarsities in March 2015. Involved with NUIG MedSoc since 2013, he has held roles of Sports officer and AMSI Representative, and has been involved in the organisation of numerous events such as MedBall and the inaugural MedDay. He is also currently the auditor of Déan Athrú, the follow - on from MedDay which is taking the form of a year-long project as part of a Special Study Module. Déan Athrú's focus for 2016 is Youth Mental Health.

Outside of Medicine, Kevin is an avid GAA man. A member of the St. Vincent's Senior Hurling Team, Kevin was also a member of the Dublin u21 and Minor Hurling Teams and is entering into his final year with the NUIG Fitzgibbon team in September. Like most Medical Students, Kevin has a part-time job. Currently he can be found in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin most weekends, making cocktails and talking rubbish until the early hours.

"AMSI has such potential to be a really useful and influential body in Ireland, and it is up to ourselves to make this happen. Growth is inevitable - the pace at which it takes place is in our hands."

"If not now, when?"
- Eckhart Tolle

Vice President for External Affairs (VPE)


Ellen is a final year student in Trinity College Dublin. She has a particular interest in the areas of Global Health, Mental Health and Social Justice. She comes from a multicultural background and has spent time both living and travelling abroad. Most recently she completed her third medical year at Université de Nantes, France and in July 2016, participated in a Social Medicine course for International and Haitian students entitled 'Beyond the Biological Basis of Disease: The social and economic causation of illnesses in Mirebalais, Haiti. These experiences have contributed to her global vision and desire to connect and work with people in all corners of the world.

Ellen has been involved in AMSI since October 2015. She started as an Ordinary Committee Member but she transitioned to the National Exchange Officer after attending the GA March Meeting in Malta and is responsible for establishing Ireland's first SCOPE program, which will begin in July 2017. She is excited to bring her experience to the role of VPE, where she hopes to be able to guide AMSI's transition to a full member of the IFMSA. Ellen envisages AMSI as a platform where students can fulfil their own leadership potential and be a force for change, both in their local environment and internationally. Priorities for this year include forging links with external organisations and overseeing the creation of AMSI's first policy statements.

"And those who were seen dancing were though to be insane by those who could not hear the music"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Vice President for Internal Affairs (VPI)


Ashlyn Fong (27) is in second year at the University of Limerick. She is from Canada and has a BSc from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB, Canada) in Medical Laboratory Sciences. She has a particular interest in Haematopathology, Haematology and Oncology. Ashlyn was the Public Relations Officer on the 2015/2016 AMSI committee and was responsible for promoting the association through our online social media presence. She also acted as our National Officer for Reproductive Health at the IFMSA General Assembly in Malta in March 2016. In the University of Limerick she was the secretary for interdisciplinary forum for Healthcare.

Ashyln is a big fan of everything winter. the mountains are her favourite place to be and she is an avid snowboarder and figure skater. Since moving to Ireland she has taken to rugby and enjoys playing tag as often as possible.

She is very excited to part of AMSI and hopes to continue working on establishing AMSI internationally as part of the IFMSA. She also hopes to help develop an education programme for sexual health and education, including consent, to present to secondary school students to help raise awareness and understanding about sensitive topics. She hopes to continue building strong partnerships with medical students' associations around the globe and hope to use their experience and support to build AMSI into an association the students can be proud to be part of.

"I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells"
- Dr. Seuss

Vice President of Committees, Projects & Support (VPCP)


Lorcán (23) is currently in Third Med at NUIG. He was born in Dublin and attended the secondary school, Gaelscoil Coláiste Eoin in Stillorgan before moving to Galway for his studies. He is a fluent Irish speaker and plays Gaelic Football and Hurling for his local GAA team. Lorcán has a particular interest in the field of Public Health and Emergency Medicine and conducted his own Public Health research during the 2016 summer.

He became involved with AMSI last year and was Treasurer of the society for the 2015/2016 academic year. He also represented AMSI at the IFMSA General Assembly in Malta in March of 2016 where he acted as the National Officer for Medical Education.

Outside of AMSI, Lorcán was elected class rep during his first and second year of college, has been elected onto the NUIG Medical Society committee for the past three years running and assisted in the foundation of the NUIG Cancer Society in 2015. He also has become involved in advocating for student well-being and is currently the Convenor of the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences of the NUIG Student's Union for the 2015/2016 year, with a particular interest in outreach programmes and in improving inter-professional relations between the various health sciences courses. During his time with the Students' Union, Lorcán established "The NUIG Health Science Society" which had promotional representation from each of the health sciences to ensure integration of the various disciplines within the college.

"Of all forms of inequalities, inequalities in health are the most inhumane"
- Martin Luther King



Colin (27) is a second year graduate entry medicine student at University College Cork, originating from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Colin completed a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from Queen's University, Kingston. He then moved to Halifax to pursue research interests in breast cancer research. 

Colin has a keen interest in Internal Medicine and is aiming to practice in the field of Oncology. Apart from his studies, Colin spends his time traveling, hiking, and playing roller hockey with Inline Hockey Ireland. 

As Secretary General, Colin hopes to organize AMSI to ensure a smooth transition to a full member of IFMSA. He also hopes to stay up to date with deadlines for various opportunities and help streamline the application of professional and research exchanges to an online-based application.

"I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine"
- Neil Armstrong


Treasurer General


Shubhangi is an India-born, British second year undergraduate entry medical student at Trinity College Dublin. She has a keen interest in the fields of psychiatry, law and public health. Given her unique ability to speak seven languages, she has put this to use volunteering with the Manchester Royal Infirmary over the past five years. Also, each summer she travels to the Missionaries of Charity home of St. Teresa of Kolkata in India to provide living assistance and basic medical care to its residents.

Shubhangi currently sits on six TCD student committees and is involved with facilitating international college debating in Ireland for which she was the Convenor for the largest international debating competition in Ireland. She is also a strong advocate for both human rights and cancer research through the Trinity Cancer Society.

As treasurer she ensures safekeeping and allocation of AMSI finances for projects throughout the year. Shubhangi's intent to represent all medical students in Ireland was most recently realized at the European Sub-Regional Training hosted by the Austrian Medical Student Association. There, she learned how to improve our national organisation's efficiency. Currently Shubhangi is actively pursuing innovative sponsorship and collaborations to secure the financial sustainability of AMSI.

"Adversity refines me"


Public Relations Officer

NICK Stefanovic

Nick is currently working on his Intercalated Master's in Molecular Medicine in Trinity College Dublin. He has completed three years of medicine, and will be starting his fourth year in 2017. Nick also happens to have an unparalleled interest in Dermatology.

He has a strong interest in promoting the AMSI name and having clear, succinct communication to our members. Nick also wishes to develop a network that allows members to distribute pertinent information to all AMSI members nationally and internationally.

When he not working as a Facebook keyboard warrior or designing promotional material, you can find Nick in cafes with friends, pretending to be "hip", throwing out sometimes-questionable ideas and drinking his weight in flat whites. Nick likes to travel on weekends and keep as fit as he can. Nick is open to chat about design, communication strategies and how others can get involved in AMSI projects.

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think"

- Winnie the Pooh

National Officer for Professional Exchanges


Hongying is currently a second year medical student in Trinity College Dublin. She is originally from Singapore and came to Ireland to pursue her medical degree. Hongying is particularly interested in working with a diverse and active community and believes in medical students have the opportunity to experience healthcare on a global level.

Being someone who enjoys discovery, Hongying writes regularly to international pen-pals in her free time in order to share her own and experience diverse cultures.

Hongying has been involved in AMSI since early 2016 and most recently, she attended the IFMSA Sub-Regional Training in the Netherlands. As National Exchanges Officer, she aims to promote student participation in international medical education and expand the exchange platform in Ireland on the basis of global health integration.

"Have courage, and be kind"
- Cinderella

 National Officer of Medical Education


Hannah (23) is a fourth year medical student. Originally from Fermanagh, she studies at Queen's University, Belfast. She is leading the involvement of QUB in the AMSI network. Her interest in Medical Education stems from research completed during an intercalated year, completed within the Centre for Medical Education at the university. 

As yet unsure of the specialty she would like to pursue, Hannah has a wide range of interests. She has played her part in planning social and charity events, including the annual QUB Fashion Show - which saw her take to the stage with 200 of her colleagues, to raise £38,500 for hospitals in LEDCs. She is the co-founder of swotUP, a charitable organization which aims to increase the success of school students applying to medical school. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching swimming and lifesaving with Irish Water Safety.

In her role as National Officer for Medical Education, she is excited at the prospect of working with colleagues in different universities, countries and continents. she strongly believes that as medical students, we have the ability to change our own education. Ultimately, improving our ability to care for our patients in the years to come.

"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world"
- Nelson Mandela

National Officer for Research Exchanges


Netusha (24) is currently a first year medical student at the University of Limerick. Originally from Ontario, Canada, she completed both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees at McMaster University before moving to Ireland to pursue her medical education. Netusha has an interest in pursuing Paediatrics and would like to continue taking part in clinical research throughout her career. Her interest in research began early in her undergraduate career when she began working in both clinical and basic laboratory research settings.

Wanting to continue her passion for research, she completed a Master's degree in Medical Science, specializing in Infection and Immunity. During this time, Netusha focused on developing a mouse model using germ-free mice in order to understand microbial symbiosis within the gastrointestinal tract in the elderly and how it contributes to immune dysfunction with age.

Moving forward, she would like to share the wonderful experiences she gained through her research opportunities with her fellow peers as well. As the National Officer for Research Exchanges, Netusha hopes to work with the representatives from each medical school in Ireland to establish a research exchange program between Ireland and other active NMOs. This would help medical students practice intercultural communication, and learn to foster collaborations while developing their professional and academic skills

"The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking is the day you stop growing"
- Brandon Travis Ciaccio

National Officer of Human Rights & Peace


Ciara (21) is currently a third year medical student at NUIG. She is primarily interested in the specialty of Global Health but is also considering pursuing Psychiatry or Infectious Diseases.

In her spare time she is involved as Co-Auditor of the Friends of MSF Society on campus. She is also a serving reserve infantry instructor in the Irish Defence Forces, holding the rank of Corporal.

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"
- Albus Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling)

National Officer for Public Health


Nick is currently a second year graduate entry medical student at the University of Limerick and holds both a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta and a Master's of Public Health from King's College London. During his studies, Nick worked for six years with the Canadian Red Cross as the National Youth Ambassador to Afghanistan, serviced as an elected member of the Western Canadian Board, and responded to the Calgary Floods and Northern Alberta Fires as a disaster response volunteer. Following his studies, Nick worked for three years as a Healthcare Management Consultant within KPMG's Advisory Group, providing strategic and operational advice and services to various public and private organizations both provincially and nationally.

Nick leverages both his academic and professional background to support his learning and extracurricular work. He is particularly interested in the paediatrics, critical care, and public health specialties. Nick is excited to have been elected to serve as the NOPH for Ireland. Given the rapidly evolving nature of AMSI as it seeks full adoption into the IFMSA, Nick's primary interest is to support the establishment of SCOPH's structure and organization in Ireland. Beyond that, he is excited to foster community relationships that will help SCOPH and AMSI with their work, and is eager to support an assessment of Ireland's standing against the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with an impure mind. And trouble will follow you. As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart"
- Buddhist Dhammapada

National Officer of Sexual Health & Reproduction incl. HIV/AIDS


Aisling (25) is a first year graduate entry medicine student at University College Cork. She is originally from Dublin where she completed a B.Sc. in Health Sciences from University College Dublin. Aisling has a particular interest in Paediatrics, as well as emergency medicine. Outside of medicine, Aisling loves music, playing the piano and singing, as well as the outdoors such as hikes, running, camping and cycling. 

As the National Officer for Sexual & Reproductive Health, Aisling hopes to reduce the stigmas associated with sexuality and gender identity, to promote awareness and understanding of important sexual health topics and encouraging people to talk about these issues. 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Mahatma Gandhi

UCD Ordinary Committee Member to the AMSI National Committee


Liam (21) is a second year medical student at UCD. He was born in Cavan and went to St. Patricks's College, Cavan Town. He enjoys playing music and running. Fields that he has recently taken to is Emergency Medicine and Tropical Medicine. Liam has become extremely involved in societies during his first two years at UCD.

He was class representative in 1st year; a UCD Student Ambassador - giving tours to students, Maiden’s convenor of Literary and Historical Society, volunteered abroad in Tanzania with UCD Volunteers Overseas, has participated in soup runs with UCD SVP, and was involved with UCD Musical society productions in 1st year

Through AMSI, Liam hopes to build on the fantastic done to date and to work to further integrate the various medical schools dotted throughout the country.

"Our ultimate goal, after all, is not a good death but a good life to the very end"
- Atul Gawande

RCSI Ordinary Committee Member to the AMSI National Committee

Ahmed Zainy

Ahmed (21) is a first year medical student in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. He was born and raised in Iraq and he recieved his high school education from the Gifted Student's School in Iraq. Ahmed is dreaming to be a plastic surgeon someday. He is a part of the Green Campus committee in RCSI and the captain of pool scociety of RCSI.
Ahmed is passionate to develop the SCORE research exchange program in Ireland nationally and around the world internationally.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination"
- Jimmy Dean

AMSI Executive Board 2016/17.

Front Row: Netusha Thevan, Kevin McMahon, Ellen Sweeney, Aisling Holland.

Middle Row: Hannah Gillespie, Ashlyn Fong, Hongying Chen, Colin Brien.

Back Row: Nick Stefanovic, Nicholas Conradi, Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh.

Missing: Shubhangi Karmakar, Ciara Clarke.