4th Global Forum on Human Resources for Health: Dublin

  • Dublin

13th - 17th November - Dublin

What is the Global Forum on Human Resources for Health?

To date, three global forums on human resources for health were convened setting the foundation for important developments in the health workforce agenda. The First Global Forum (Uganda, 2008) resulted in the development of a global roadmap for HRH development and originated the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel (the Kampala Declaration and Agenda for Global Action); the Second Global Forum (Thailand, 2011) called for increased investments, sustained leadership and adoption of effective policies on HRH; and the Third Global Forum (Brazil, 2013) concluded with the Recife Political Declaration on HRH: renewed commitments towards universal health coverage.

November 2017. The forum, co-hosted by Trinity College, Dublin, Irish Aid, Department of Health, Ireland, Health Services Executive, World Health Organization and Global Health Workforce Network, will bring together a multisectoral group of actors, across the education, finance, health and labour sectors, as well as multilateral and bilateral agencies, academic institutions, health professional associations and civil society.

Participation at the Forum will be by subscription, with a number of sponsored places for participants from the Global South and subsidized rates for medical students and junior doctors. There will be approximately 700-800 participants for this year’s Forum.

Find more information about the event on the WHO website.

What about the OC?

The OC will plan, develop and execute the Youth Forum, including its program and the full range of activities to be delivered during the event. The Youth Forum will occur on the 14th of November 2017 with an expected attendance of 100-200 youth from various backgrounds including medical, pharmaceutical, dentistry and veterinary students, as well as other healthcare sciences.

Important criteria for selection of the OC include:

  1. In-depth understanding of Human Resources for Health issues.

  2. Experience in sessions and workshops organization, facilitation and delivery. Previous work on Human Resources for Health, including activities organised or advocacy would be a plus.

  3. Motivation to organize a quality and high impact sessions, gain new skills, and participate in a High-Level global meeting.

The OC is expected to:

  • Develop a concept note for the Youth Forum including a detailed session outline with themes and innovative formats for workshops and sessions.

  • Publicize the Youth Forum.

  • Be fully available from now until November 2017 and participate in 80% of the Online Meetings.  

  • Actively participate in the Youth Forum preparations and discussions.

  • Identify, invite and brief speakers.

  • Actively engage with the different participants and stakeholders at the Youth Forum.

  • Undertake social media coverage during the Youth Forum.

  • Take part in the follow-up of the Youth Forum, including evaluation and development of a final report to be submitted to WHO and IFMSA.

Financial support will be provided to partially cover travel and accommodation expenses of the OC members on a case by case basis.

What do you need to do?

If you are motivated to participate, please submit your application to lwho@ifmsa.org before Wednesday 5th April 2017 23:59 GMT. Please put “[HRH Youth Forum] Your name ” as the subject of the e-mail. Late, incorrect and incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

What you need to submit?

  • Curriculum Vitae - highlighting specifically relevant experience in HRH and/or in workshop facilitation and delivery (no longer than 2 pages)

  • Motivation Letter (no longer than 2 pages)

  • Plans for the Youth Forum: sharing your plans regarding innovative sessions and workshops that could be delivered at the Forum, ideas for social media coverage and promotion and proposed speakers that could be relevant to the event.

Accepted applicants will be notified of their acceptance as soon as the results are released.

Do not hesitate to email Amine Lotfi if you have any questions at lwho@ifmsa.org.