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Cancer - A Multidisciplinary Challenge: Cork

  • University College Cork (map)

24th March

Devere Hall, University College Cork

Admission: Free

UCC Pharmacy Society & UCC Cancer Society in association with University College Cork are proud to host a conference on the multi-disciplinary nature of cancer research. The conference will bring together researchers, clinicians and charities to talk about the various aspects of cancer ressearch from designing a drug at the bench to it's use in the clinic. Our keynote speaker for the conference is Dr Fergus Couch from the Mayo Clinic in the US who will give a talk titled "Decoding Breast Cancer Predisposition Genes". Dr Fergus Couch, a UCC alumni, has worked over a number of years on identifying the particular genes that cause breast cancer. Using this information clinicans have been able to administer more appropriate treatments to patients and deliver more successful outcomes. 

With numerous talks throughout the day, we hope that there is something there for everyone. There is no obligation to stay for an entire session but we do ask if you could enter and exit the hall as quitely as possible when a talk is in session.

You can register for the event on eventbrite here.

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