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Health Fusion Team Challenge 2018, University of Limerick

The best health outcomes for the many and increasing number of people with complex or chronic healthcare needs often depends on effective teamwork and collaboration between various healthcare professionals with different skills and knowledge. The HealthFusion Team Challenge (HFTC) aims to develop this important capability prior to graduation in a way that is transformative, authentic, and fun.

The HFTC is an extracurricular competition for students from the health professions. It provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in teamwork and collaboration as they develop a management plan for a client with complex health needs.

There is roughly a four week preparation period, during which students are asked to produce a short presentation outlining their management plan. Teams then meet at the end of this period for the HealthFusion Team Challenge, where they present their case and participate in a range of team-based questions round designed to test their overall collaboration and communication skills. The judging panel decides which team has displayed the greatest mastery of teamwork on the day, and they are named HFTC Champions.

Pioneered by academics from the University of British Columbia over 25 years ago, the Health Care Team Challenge was brought to Australia and developed by an interprofessional team of Queensland academics under the name of HealthFusion. The University of Queensland was the first university in Australia to host a Health Care Team Challenge with its pilot event in 2007. In 2009, the HFTC Team launched the inaugural Annual National HealthFusion Team Challenge (Oz HFTC) in front a large audience. The University of Limerick was the first University in Ireland to host the HFTC last year and plan to run the HFTC again at UL this semester.




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