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Foundations Medical Conference

The Foundations Conference

One day to build your career on

Friday 22 June 2018

08:30 am

Begin your medical career with the best start.  The Foundations Conference is designed with you in mind, addressing the very real challenges you will face in the first few years. Learn about the perals and the pitfalls, how to approach and respond to the sick patient for the first time.

Begin with inside knowledge of specialty training, the pros and cons. We will have speakers from different specialties to help you decide what specialty is for you. There will be networking sessions where invited trainees from all specialties will discuss about the training of their specialty.

egin with the right frame of mind. How to approach problems, evidence and research. We will discuss how to apply evidence base research, ways to expand your knowlege, power of dogma and the real challenges of knowledge translation  

Begin your career beyond the medical issues and address the social and financial aspects that you will encounter. Issues surrounding yourself, mentally, physically and financially.  Learn to deal with the fear of failure, learn how to bring the best version of yourself to work every day.

We will deliver concise information and practical methods that pre-graduate training lacks. Aimed at the early years of your medical career delivered by those who know what it's like. We don't want you to make the same mistakes we did.