"I thoroughly enjoyed my exchange in the internal medicine department in UFRJ. Being in a chronic illness ward allowed me to see the progression of patients over the course of the month and to see how certain procedures and treatments effected the patients as well as observe the clinical reasoning behind every step in their care. I was also allowed to observe in the outpatient clinic whenever I wanted, which was great to get more up close teaching. The hospital was also a national centre for many infectious diseases, so I was able to examine patients with conditions I might not see too often on my rotations in Ireland, like TB and Lupus, neurosyphilis, hepatitis C etc.. I stayed with a Brazilian family during my time in Rio who couldn't have been more welcoming. They did everything the could to make me feel at home, hosting parties and gatherings constantly and introducing me to all their friends. The showed me so many elements of Brazilian culture, with copious amounts of barbecues, desserts, teaching me Portuguese, dance lessons and touring the city. Rio as a city was absolutely amazing and completely different to any where I had been before. My days were spent in the hospital from early morning to lunch time, then on the beach and hanging out in the city for the rest of the day and night. The nightlife was great and I learnt to surf at the weekends."
- Jennifer (NUIG), Internal Medicine, Rio de Janeiro


" Overall, my SCOPE experience was excellent. From an academic perspective, I had the opportunity to practise my neuro exams, take my own patients in clinic and write clinic notes, as well as scrub in and assist in theatre. The staff were friendly and welcoming and gave me tutorials in their free time. From a cultural/social perspective, Montreal was a delight. There is so much to see and do there, multiple festivals during the summer, including an amazing fireworks festival. I loved meeting the other SCOPE students and there were plenty of opportunities for tourism/parties/trips."
- Niamh (TCD), Neurosurgery, Montreal



"Ghana was a fantastic cultural experience. One of the huge benefits of the SCOPE elective was being placed with 15 other fellow international medical students. It really gives you a good group of peers straight off the bat. A SCOPE programme also introduces you to many local medical students, which is a wonderful way to make new friends and have a further insight into the local culture. Seeing the Ghanaian health system was thoroughly memorable and gave me a new perspective on 'global health'. From seeing resource limited medicine to various new illnessses, I was afforded an eye opening experience, not otherwise possible in Ireland. Ghana has much to see and do for everyone. I surfed, climbed, hiked, saw traditional drumming/dancing and many tourists sights, went on safari, visited the 5 main cities and met many incredible people. I would thoroughly recommend Ghana, first and foremost as a tourist destination."
- Exchange student in Internal Medicine, Accra


"I loved my time in Indonesia! The social program was incredible, our exchange officer went above and beyond organising events for us during the week and at weekends. We experienced so much with local students and got to see so much of it he country, that as a tourist I wouldn't have seen. The neurosurgery department was also great, the doctors were so patient in explaining things and were extremely helpful and friendly. They even were recommending things to do and foods to try. It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I participated in it!"
- Monica (NUIG), Neurosurgery, Tangerang