Syrian Healthcare Access Campaign

AMSI are committed to creating a generation of future health professionals who are aware of the healthcare needs of a wide variety of patients. Some of these patients may be living in times of great instability and turmoil. Through a national campaign this week, we wish to inform medical students in Ireland about the scope of the issues involved regarding healthcare access in zones of conflict.

As part of our #SyrianHealthcareAccess campaign, a number of events are happening across universities in Ireland, organised by AMSI's #SCORP and our wonderful officer for Human Rights and Peace: Ciara Clarke

AMSI NUIG: Wednesday, 15/02/2017, 19:00. A workshop on emergency aid in zones of conflict, with NEMS and friends of MSF Soc.

AMSI UL: Thursday, 16/02/2017, 18:00. Mina Dawood, the local officer for Human Rights and Peace is delivering an engaging talk on working in a UN Syrian Refugee Camp.

AMSI UCD: Thursday 16/02/2017, Film Screening. Time TBC!

If you're around the above universities, pop down and engage with the AMSI activities- make sure to keep yourself informed on what's going on in the world around you!