University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is a beautiful university founded in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick. It was one of the first universities to be established in Ireland since the foundation of the State in 1922, located along the river Shannon in the community of Castleroy. The Graduate Entry Medical School opened its doors in 2007, boasting a highly innovative curriculum that aims to produce doctors who are well equipped to meet the existing and emerging needs of Irish society. It is the only graduate entry-only school in Ireland, and focuses on producing competent, confidence, and caring doctors who can understand the basis of medicine while recognising the social and environmental context in which health and illness exist

Graduates of this medical program have the skills necessary to maintain a commitment to service, teamwork, scientific enquiry, self fulfilment, and lifelong learning. The UL GEMS program focuses on three main domains through the 4 years of teaching: knowledge of health and illness, clinical and anatomical skills, and professional competencies. These modules are taught through a problem-based learning teaching methodology, which help provide context to the material our students are required to learn and understand. We believe that this helps create more intuitive, curious, and resourceful doctors who strive for excellence throughout their careers.