Your Med Minds

As part of Our Med Minds campaign week, AMSI wanted to hear YOUR story of what's going on inside Your Med Mind. We anonymously collected real stories and experiences of how being a Medical Student in Ireland makes you feel. Read some of them below.

All of our experiences in Medical School are different- for some it's smooth sailing, for others it's a bumpy road. We meet the most incredible people- new friends and relationships are formed. We also get the privilege of being allowed into the lives of complete strangers- our patients. We come from a variety of backgrounds, from near and far. It's safe to say that no two experiences of Medical School are the same. Whether you're in premed or are about to sit your finals, what has been going on in Your Med Mind? How have you coped with the stress of exams, the wards, the transition to college? What has helped you through more difficult times if such times have arisen? Is there someone you want to thank for being there, or encourage others to avail of certain services? Maybe you just want a chance to tell your story, anonymously, to other Irish Medical Students and ask for awareness and compassion towards each other.