In the coming years, AMSI will be arranging professional and research exchanges for approximately 20-30 medical students. There are many students applying for the exchange. Please be patient as the selection process by the national and local committee might take a while. You will be notified of your application outcome within 4 weeks from the closure of the application. If you do not hear from us after this time, please feel free to contact us.

1. You will be contacted via email with regards to the application outcome. If you have been offered a spot, you will have to confirm your spot by replying to the email within 5 days.
2. Upon confirmation of acceptance of your place, you will be required to pay the exchange fee in full (€580) to the AMSI bank account. You will also receive access data for the international IFMSA database.
3. After receiving the access data, you have 2 weeks to complete and submit your application form (AF), and upload the compulsory documents under the Card of Documents (CoD). Do note that it is not possible to submit an AF without the necessary compulsory documents. Please be aware that your AF and CoD will not be officially submitted to the host country until you have made a payment of €580.
4. You now have another 4 weeks to upload the remaining documents required in the Exchange Conditions to the IFMSA Database.
5. At least 8 weeks before the start of your exchange, you will receive the Card of Acceptance (CA) from your host country via the IFMSA Database. This will provide you with information on your allocated date, city, department and project where you will complete your exchange. In addition, your specific contact persons will also be listed in the CA.
6. Approximately 6 weeks before the start of your exchange, you will receive an Invitation Letter (IL), which you may have to submit when applying for your visa (if applicable).
7. At least 4 weeks before the start of your exchange, you must confirm your flight and arrival details on the Card of Confirmation (CC) via the IFMSA Database. This will facilitate your contact persons to arrange for any pick-ups (if any) and social programs.


Due to the limited spots for each country, we are unfortunately unable to give all applicants their first choice of country and department. The local committees and your host country have put in a lot of time and effort to review your application, and arrange accommodation for you. We are trying our very best to allocate you your preferred country, city and department. We advise that applicants only put down options they are keen on accepting. Please also note that allocations are done on a first-come-first-serve basis upon submitting your AF and CoD.

In case of cancellation at any point after payment has been made, a refund of the application fee is not possible unless you or the SCORE committee is able to find a replacement for your position. 

If for any reason you are unable to take part in the exchange, please contact us immediately so that we can look for a solution together. If we are able to give your spot to another student, you will be refunded the full cost you have paid. We understand that some events are unforeseen, and we will try our very best to help you. Aside from those, please plan your time and consider carefully before your application.

flight and visa

You are responsible for booking and paying for your own flights and visa application (if applicable). The exchange is only confirmed and final after receiving the Card of Acceptance (CA). As such, we recommend that you only book your flights after receiving the CA.

feedback report

We want to hear from you! Our exchanges report is extremely important for future interested students and they provide a lot of information that can help in the decision-making and preparations. Therefore, we ask that you submit a short report within 3 months after the end of your elective, when the memories are still fresh. You will receive the link for report submission via email. We look forward to hearing your amazing experience, and sharing your beautiful photos! 

evaluation form (ef)

Your exchange is over and you had a great time? You made lots of new friends and met new people? Or you did not enjoy the exchange and have areas for improvements to suggest? The support or programs organized did not meet your expectations? You can input these experiences or feedback into the EF on the IFMSA Database after completion of your exchange. This will help improve the exchange programs and aid AMSI in choosing our partner countries to sign contracts with in the future.