Chair Persons

Phillip(Tse Chiang) Chen & Kaitlyn O'Brien


Professional Exchanges

Local Officer: Leon Seow & Kai Yin Ang


Human Rights & Peace

Local Officer: Eyad Ibrahim


Public Relations Officer

Sue Zann Gan



Katie Collins







Medical Education

Local Officer: Joshua Olaniyi


Public Health

Local Officer: Helina Debebe


Fourth year Representative

Kate Zavin



third year representative

Gianluca D'Angelo


second year Representative

Yash Patel & Minhan Ang


first year representative

Eorann Ni Bhroin



The Annual General Meeting to elect the 2018-2019 committee will take place on April 9, 2018. See below for candidate manifestos and come to the TBSI room B.2.72-2.73 at 7pm to cast your vote!

Co-chairs (requires >= 1 year AMSI experience)
2 positions

Phillip (Tse Chiang) Chen

Hello, my name is Phillip Chen and I am running for co-chair for 2018-2019. I will present to you my qualifications and my vision for AMSI TCD for the upcoming year.

My qualifications include leadership experience. I am the incumbent co-chair for AMSI TCD where I led and oversaw its function for this year. I am one of the executive members of the Beyond Sciences Initiative, an international initiative involved in both local and international efforts – in particular, I have been involved in the planning and execution of its annual international conference for the past 3 years, where we saw over 500 registrants from 40 countries earlier this year. My academic excellence include past or accepted presentation and publication of my research in computational neuroscience, radiology, and health economics on the international stage.

What I envision for AMSI in the upcoming year is a sustained and increased collaboration with the school of medicine, particularly for our international initiatives; continuing our successes particularly in annual events such as the Our Med Minds campaign; the continued development of our sub-committees to become both more connected and autonomous; and the seeking of financial stability and independence.


Leon Seow

I, Leon Seow a 2nd year medical student, will be running for co-Chairperson. Prior to this I was the Local Exchange Officer where together with my colleague Kai Yin, facilitated Professional Exchanges between TCD and its partnered countries.

I guess it is difficult to sum up my plans in a short 200-word prose. But during my term, I hope that AMSI TCD can carve its own niche as a unique society which provides academically stimulating and nurturing events for our students. I think the Standing Committees provide a framework for the multidisciplinary approach to education for a future career that is inevitably multidisciplinary in nature. I believe that we live in very complex time, where online falsehoods and the sophistry of people are rampant. Therefore, I hope AMSI TCD can act as an objective platform for dialogue.

As LEO, I realised that we are confined to the capacity of the SOM. While many see this as a hindrance, we fail to see the wealth of staff that are leaders in their field. I hope that we can work closer with the SOM to expand our committees and national level events, and set a standard for Ireland and beyond.


Secretary & Treasurer
1 position

Min Han Ang

I hope to be elected as secretary/treasurer. This role appeals to me because it fulfils the personal challenge that I am seeking. As a novice in handling the finances of a society, I hope for this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I am confident of my capability as I am organised and I am not afraid to seek for help or to learn from others when the need arises. I understand the importance of sustainability; hence I hope to develop a simple and detailed format to account and manage funds so it can be adopted by the next committee with ease.

Besides taking upon the administrative role, I will play the supportive role in AMSI TCD. I’d like to think of myself as a hardworking individual with exceptional interpersonal skills. I believe in teamwork and strive to foster a good relationship between our members. I intend to be in-charge of the welfare of our members and ensure that meetings be run smoothly in the most efficient manner. This includes working closely with the chairs to make sure pre-meeting minutes are prepared and previous meetings’ issues are being addressed.


Katie Collins

My name is Katie Collins, a third year medical student. I am interested in applying for the position of secretary/treasurer for the upcoming academic 2018/2019 year.

I am currently the secretary of AMSI TCD, in this role I've had the pleasure of helping organise and execute numerous events such as Our Med Minds Matter week, and Medical Case Competition. In addition to this, I've been responsible for the finances, including liaising with the national board.

For the upcoming year, I believe AMSI needs to continue to keep up the fantastic work. Some areas which I hope to help focus on and improve include: working on integrating our society more with the School of Medicine, and the wider community in Trinity College. Additionally, developing partnerships with other organisations and medical schools with the goal of providing more academic/professional opportunities for our peers at local, national, and international levels. Also, attaining funding sources such that we will not be limited in what we can achieve by financial constraints.

Most importantly, I hope to work closely with every other member in AMSI TCD, to continue growing as a society!

I am very much looking forward to the upcoming AGM! Thank you for your consideration.


Cormac Lane

Hi there, my name is Cormac Lane, I’m a second-year student and I would love to run for the role of secretary-treasurer for this society for the upcoming academic year.

The past two years of studying medicine have been incredible and I want to get more involved in helping to strengthen this community of students. I feel like there’s no better way of doing that than taking up a role in AMSI, raising awareness and organising events within the university such as Our Med Minds. I believe that the heavy workload of this course often

leads to us neglecting our own mental health and at the end of the day we need to look after ourselves first before we look after patients.

I believe that I have the enthusiasm, organisational skills and communication skills necessary for this role. My communicational and organisational experience comes from working with my local Order of Malta branch in which I helped organise local events and worked as a team with fellow members of the Order. My enthusiasm comes from the passion I feel for getting

out there and being part of the larger student community.

I look forward to giving my speech at the AGM and would greatly appreciate the vote!


Abidur Rahman

My name is Abidur and I am a third year medical student. I believe that I would be an excellent member of the upcoming AMSI executive board due to my past leadership experiences. I am extremely motivated to help set up more international medical electives for TCD medical students. My work experiences with numerous hospitals and doctors from different countries

have allowed me to make connections which I can utilize to assist AMSI in creating such opportunities. In addition, I feel that most opportunities that are currently available through AMSI are directed at senior medical students. As an executive member I would like to change that by establishing summer research collaborations with institutions from all over the world for

students in younger years. I would also like to like to hold events where students can speak about their research and medical experiences in order to provide others with the insight about these opportunities. I would also like to create a professional mentoring program through AMSI to allow medical students to connect with doctors and researchers who can assist the students in their future pursuits. These are some of the ideas I would like to bring to the AMSI executive board. I hope that this application has given you a small idea of who I am as a person and what I bring to the committee. I would be honoured if you guys would vote for me to be a part of the AMSI executive team.


Public Relation Officers
2 Positions

Helina Debebe

Hey there, my name is Helina Debebe and I would like to run for the position of joint PRO of AMSI for the coming year, or alternatively for the position of 4th-year rep. Having been on the AMSI TCD committee last year, I found the experience to be both a fulfilling and an enriching one. I really enjoyed working with my fellow committee members and I am immensely proud to see how far the society has come in the past year.  I would like to run for PRO this year because as someone who really loves AMSI, I recognise the importance of placing the society in a positive public light, and to showcase, in all communications with the wider college community the excellent events that AMSI runs and the immense potential it possesses. I find great enjoyment in designing posters and engaging with people on social media. I have quite a bit of experience in designing publications, designing AMSI’s sponsorship prospectus last year as well as being editor of my school’s yearbook in 6th year. I hope to work with my co-PRO to make sure AMSI has wide visibility. I would really appreciate your votes, thank you! <3


Kultumi Deen-Jalloh

Hi, my name is Kultumi and I would love to be your PRO!

Anyone who knows me can vouch that I’m all about my social media. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat Instagram – I’m all over every one, and so, I feel it’s time I used that extensive experience for a more worthy cause than oversharing my own life! Instead I plan to use every mode possible to show everyone what AMSI is and what we’re doing for the medical community.

I didn’t know much about AMSI until this semester, and with all the great work they do, I was shocked to think I had missed so much! As PRO, an important task would be to make sure that everyone knows exactly what we’re all about, starting with inspiring short talks, not only to JF, but also to SF students who may have missed out.

As a Medicine class rep, I am well used to acting as a liaison for students which definitely comes into the relations part of PRO. I am also good at getting my point across, be it via online posts, emails, posters or speeches; and I will bring all of this to being the best possible PRO I can!


Sue Zann Gan

My name is Sue Zann Gan and I am a 3rd year medical student. I am the current AMSI TCD Public Relations Officer (PRO) and would like to run again for the same position.

I believe I would be suitable for the position based on a few reasons. Firstly, I value suggestions and am open to criticism. When I get design requests, I always check in with the local committees at every stage of my drafts and make the changes that they deemed appropriate. I also never upload any of the designs without getting approval from the chairs. Moreover, I always post posters and make event pages as early as possible as I believe exposure is extremely important in getting the AMSI name out in public and encouraging turn ups at events. Furthermore, I take liaising with the national PRO seriously and

suggested the set-up of a PRO group, which I am an active representative from TCD. Lastly, I have the experience of managing the roles of a PRO and have picked up useful skills along the way such as putting together videos when making the SCOPE student exchanges video, and designing posters during OMM and #takebacktrinity.


  1. Get AMSI TCD more active on Twitter and Instagram. I hope that with 2 PROs this coming term, the level of information and activity will be distributed equally on all platforms.

  2. Designating a person for each event to update Facebook and Instagram stories to gain interest.

  3. Establish good contact with the school of medicine and make certain of the sites that we use freely for posters.


Abidur Rahman

Public Health (LOPH) 
1 position

Damien Doherty

I am delighted to be putting myself forward for the position of Local Officer for Public Health or 2ndyear rep. Having been to the majority of AMSI events this year I’m incredibly excited at the opportunity to be on the other side of the events and to help make them even bigger and better. My interest in public health is longstanding, stemming from my days as Chairperson of my school’s Student Council. During my tenure I successfully implemented healthy eating campaigns, mental health awareness weeks and a pioneering AED/First aid training programme for all incoming students. I endeavour to bring the enthusiasm I have for preventative medicine, public health education, and nutrition research to the medicine community in TCD. I want to build on the work that AMSI has already done and run events that focus on what we can do to improve the health of all our patients. “Prevention is better than cure” and I aim to make this aphorism a reality through inspiring and educating the doctors of the future in order to help the public take their health into their own hands.

Thanks for your time!


Medical Education (LOME)
1 position

Nada Bochor

I believe I would make a suitable candidate for this position because I believe increasing awareness and educating others about the basics of health and medicine is the pinnacle of preventative medicine. As a Palestinian-Canadian I know how both ends of the medical/healthcare spectrum function, and therefore know how a lack of awareness about healthcare can have detrimental effects in a community. I am very passionate about this topic and have actually volunteered with UNICEF in the past to fulfil a similar role in creating and promoting advocacy campaigns, in addition to collaborating on health awareness weeks and such. My degree in Health Sciences would also be of great advantage for this position and benefit me in numerous ways. I would greatly appreciate to be given this opportunity to work with other members of the team to aid in maximising AMSI’s potential in the following year. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to be a part of the AMSI team next year!


Human Rights & Peace (LORP)
1 position

Eorann Burns

My name is Eorann Ní Bhroin and I would like to be the next Local Officer for Human Rights and Peace(LORP). This year on the AMSI committee has taught me so much about the organisation of a society and the careful planning needed in arranging events. I believe that this experience has prepared me for the role of LORP for next year if elected. As medical students we have a duty to use the opportunities we have been given in life to help those who are suffering unjustly. If you choose to elect me I will bring debates, panels and interactive sessions discussing human rights abuses both at home and abroad. I will work to promote awareness of the problems and give us the tools for finding solutions. As officer, I would like to focus on abuses that are happening here in Ireland such as the housing crisis and direct provision to name a few. I will make events that are accessible and inclusive to all students while also taking feedback from classmates on what we can do to make AMSI be the best that it can be.


Eyad Ibrahim

I'd like to go for the Human Rights and Peace Position. I was the previous officer and enjoyed my position last year.

I would like to continue 2 minutes to midnight talk, a weekly discussion of state of affairs in the world and adapt it into a podcast format.

  • Finish preparations for the Orkambi and Big Pharma panel.

  • Do more collaborative efforts Next Year with other universities and take efforts into the public with the human rights core.

  • Do tutorials of different skills you may need in a developing country.

  • Do more with the public in general and expose meds to different demographics of people and the medical human rights issues they face.

  • More fundraising events, they did not happen due to time constraints but it would be incredible to do them.

I do plan on running for national officer for SCORP.


Reproductive and Sexual Health (LORA)
1 position


Professional & Research Exchange (LEO/LORE)
2 positions

Kai Yin Ang

My name is Kai, and I’m running for the local exchange officer this year. I want to continue on the successes of previous years, especially with the new inclusion of the Twinning Project where the 1 st and 2 nd years could get a taste of different healthcare system and gaining global health exposure alongside with SCOPE. We also delighted to announce that TCD is offering our first ever SCORE project of AMSI this year and I am prepared to put every effort into expanding it, keeps pushing the boundaries with new projects for SCOPE and SCORE in the upcoming year. I am very honoured to be part of this family, witnessing how AMSI has gone from strength to strength in the past year, how we all gather together to make sure we deliver quality events to our members but I believe there’s still scope for us to improve. Having spent one fabulous year on the AMSI committee, I believe I have gained a valuable insight into not only how AMSI works but also where problems happen and most importantly how to make sure they don’t happen. I want to use my experience to make AMSI more successful than ever.

Year Representatives
2 positions per year

3rd Year Rep:

Cormac Lane


Conor Fitzmaurice

My first objective would be organizing an inter-medical school sports event. The activities in this could range from casual tag rugby, soccer, basketball or ultimate frisbee to more serious sporting outings like a women’s hockey match. I feel as if this is important because currently the only intercollegiate sporting event is the ‘Hospitals Cup’ (rugby). Unfortunately this only is available and accessible to a select number of people. Hopefully broadening the scope with this event could be a nice way for schools to come together while also getting people out of the library and active.

The second objective I would have is to organize a Q&A session for each year people in the older years. The S2S programme works very well for a lot of people in first year to get them settled into college life and life as a medical student in Trinity. I think that as you progress through medicine the idea of a mentoring programme isn’t feasible due to time constraints but a Q&A session with the year above is something that would benefit students for the upcoming term, as well as provide an opportunity to get to know some of the people in the older years.


Yash Patel

Hi, I’m Yash Patel and I am running for the position of 3 rd Year Representative. This year, I was involved in many capacities with AMSI as a 2 nd year representative, helping with event promotions and running events, to making connections with other universities, organizations, and student groups. From my previous experience in being a part of AMSI TCD last year, I’ve

learned so much about what we do in many respects, be it public health, medical education, or professional exchange. In being a relatively new student association, we have made great strides in terms of our name and our reach this past year. From the foundations we have laid thus far, we have the potential to grow so much more. With my global health expertise, I intend to play a stronger role in our public health endeavours with our blood drive, vaccination education, and Our Med Minds initiatives, and hope to establish a professional exchange with Canadian medical schools. Being a familiar face with our year, I can use my established rapport to improve class involvement. I hope to continue our prospects and help facilitate AMSI at TCD to fulfill our

goals that we have envisioned thus far. Thanks!


2nd Year Rep:

Rachel Coomey

Hi, my name’s Rachel, and I’d love to be your AMSI class rep next year.

I’ve adored my time in AMSI this year and have developed many relevant skills, which I would love to build upon next year and use to be an excellent rep. Our Med Minds week was hugely successful this year, and I would like to enhance its effect next year by making it a month-long programme (and fight for everyone to get free doughnuts). The MSF talk was AMSI’s most popular event this year for the preclinical years, so I aim to host something similar next year, and add a fundraising element.

I hope to continue the success of the Journal clubs, Medical Case Competition, and other academic talks in collaboration with Officers, and will seriously look into adding G&Ts to the wine receptions. I basically never shut up, so I have lots of communication experience, and will use this to increase AMSI’s publicity, and hopefully continue to find a balance between posting in the Facebook group enough that everyone knows what’s going on, but not enough that everyone wants to kill me.

Not to be desperate but please please please vote for me!


Damien Doherty



For more information about AMSI TCD, please visit their website