IFMSA works on the local and national levels mainly via its six standing committees, each of them focusing focus on major health topics and medical student-related interests:

  1. Public Health (SCOPH)
  2. Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA)
  3. Medical Education (SCOME)
  4. Human Rights & Peace (SCORP)
  5. Professional Exchanges (SCOPE)
  6. Research Exchanges (SCORE)

These abbreviations are used frequently in the organization. All start with SCO (Standing Committee on) and end with the abbreviation of the Standing Committee itself (PH – Public Health).

Each Standing Committee is headed by an International Director, who is supported by an international team generally consisting of one Liaison Officer (who is responsible for communication with relevant external partners) and five Regional Assistants (one from each of IFMSAs five regions). On the national level, the Standing Committee is coordinated by the National Officer, who is elected at each NMOs National General Assembly. On the local level the work is executed by one or more Local Officers