Is it safe in my host country?
We are unable to provide information on the safety of your host country. Information on travel safety & advice can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Is it possible to take part in an exchange with a country not on the country list?
No, we are only able to arrange exchanges with countries we have signed contracts with.

I would like to do the exchange with a friend of mine in the same city/country, is this possible?
Yes it is and you should specify this when applying, but there is no guarantee.
In AMSI, we will try our best to arrange for you. However, the host country still makes the ultimate decision, and they will also take this into account whenever possible.

What is expected from the motivation letter?
You will have to provide a paragraph of each of the following:
1. Explain your country/countries of choice.
2. Preferred department and why? Please ensure that the discipline of choice is present in your country of choice (these can be found in the Exchange Conditions of each country)
3. How will you contribute to AMSI after your exchange? (Goals and future

I noticed a unilateral fee stated in the Exchange Conditions - do I have to pay this amount in addition to our exchange fee of €580?
All our exchange fee for unilateral and bilateral contracts are fixed at €580, regardless of the exchange fee stated in the ECs. The unilateral fee is already included in the exchange fee that you are paying for.

Will there be other exchange students joining me during my elective?
We are unable to provide accurate information on this as this is dependent on the number of contracts signed by your host country. You may be able to get in contact with other exchange students in the same location as you through the LEO of the hosting university once you receive your Card of Acceptance.