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I AM Summer School: Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • amsterdam netherlands (map)

When? 18-27 July 2017
Where? Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Accomodation? The Student Hotel
Food and beverages? Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as coffee and tea, are included.
Costs? Max. 725 euros
Application due: March 17th, 2017

Health care is no longer just a matter between doctor and patient or limited to the medical office. It has become a dynamic field of interprofessional collaboration with lots of different stakeholders. The most important stakeholders are the patient(s) (alliances), the health care providers, the health insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, scientists and politicians. Intense and optimal collaboration is necessary in order to provide the best possible care. 

In order for future doctors to be able to play this versatile role and successfully collaborate with all other stakeholders, it is most important to ensure they get familiar with the pitfalls and opportunities of each stakeholder and to actively educate them on this interprofessional collaboration.

While the above-stated is relevant to every type of health care, it is of extra importance for those dealing with rare disease. Because of the lack of simple, proper treatment the demand for multidisciplinary collaboration is ofter more evident. This makes rare diseases an excellent example to illustrate the possible collaborations and to educate medical students on this subject.

The goal of the summer school is to prepare international medical students, on the basis of rare diseases, to work in a health care system where patients, doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, scientists and politicians have an intrinsic role, to challenge them to collaborate, to think out of the box and thereby to establish the most ideal patient care.

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